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12 Records in MetalFirst Pig Iron Metalplace Database

MetalFirst.Com Bulletin Board(GMT 2014-10-24)

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MetalDD B/S Products Subject Date
857931 Sell Pig Iron Pig Iron Jun 26, 2016
278216 Buy Pig Iron Pig Iron Requried Mar 04, 2016
132198 Sell Pig Iron Sell Atomized iron powder Jan 28, 2016
Buy Pig Iron Pig Iron & Nickel Pellets inquiry Aug 11, 2015
Sell Pig Iron 5000mt Pig Iron prompt shipment form Sou... Jul 19, 2011
Sell Pig Iron 5000mt Pig Iron prompt shipment form Vla... Jul 13, 2011
Buy Pig Iron Foundry Pig iron to HK Jul 05, 2011
Sell Pig Iron 20,000mts Brazil pig iron Jun 17, 2011
Sell Pig Iron pig iron export to China Jun 09, 2011
Buy Pig Iron Basic - steel making pig iron Apr 29, 2011
Buy Pig Iron 200 Tons Pig iron &1000 Tons Pig iron i... Apr 21, 2011
Buy Pig Iron 30,000mt Pig Iron Feb 21, 2011

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